I can’t say enough about Ignyte Personal Training. Rachel Burge is an inspirational PT trainer. Always pushing her clients and getting the best out of them. I started with a boxing class that nearly had me fainting but I continued and didn’t give up. Since then I now do a PT and Pilates classes along side boxing every week and haven’t looked back. I have gotten not only fitter, stronger and healthier with Rach’s help but I feel better about myself and my abilities to take on challenges in my life� I will continue to stay on top of my fitness wherever I go now. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me xo

Jennifer Close


This is one fun, fantastic and friendly place to work out with like minded people, i felt so comfortable working out with other women just like me. Fully supported by Rachel, she is always able to modify the workout to suit my needs and back issues and I still get a really great workout!

Sally-Ann Young


I love attending my sessions at Ignyte Personal training! Rach is friendly, welcoming, motivating and awesome at what she does. It’s child friendly which is very important to me. We have tried other gyms that have said to me ‘kid friendly’ but my daughter just never felt comfortable and I could never relax or focus enough to get through a full session. Here, she feels very comfortable with the environment and people and actually asks me how many sleeps until we get to go again! Great small groups so plenty of one on one attention from the instructor so you know you are doing the exercises correctly. Affordable (especially with discount 10 packs available) and lots of variety which keeps you motivated. It has become one of the highlights of each week and I continue to feel fitter, stronger and happier! You won’t be disappointed.

Erin Astin


Rach is an amazing trainer. I started with her about 3 years ago. The PT sessions helped me with my post natal fitness and I achieved my goal of being fitter than ever. I finished up when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my fourth. I carried Bub beautifully and was my lightest pregnancy. Bub is 9 months and I have returned to Rach as she understands what I can do happily without hurting myself. Bub can come to the workouts. Both of us are very happy. Her knowledge is fantastic. Highly recommend this fab woman and trainer.

Natalie Gillard


I really enjoy my PT and Pilates, not only are the people we train with friendly and very welcoming but Rachel is very professional and really cares about your well being and progress, always taking into consideration injuries and limitations people might have! I would recommend Ignyte Personal Training to anyone wanting to change their future in health and wellbeing.

Cortney Burfurd


Rachel is an exceptional trainer, her sessions are delivered in a fun and friendly atmosphere in her well equipped studio. Rachel offers a diverse range of workouts which cater for the very fit to the not so fit. I have never walked away from a pt session feeling like I didn’t get much out of it, as Rachel motivates and pushes you to your potential. Highly recommended!!

Sharon Letcher


The small group sessions are great. No getting lost in the crowd. Rach offers variety and intensity, without pressure. Individual attention within the group environment. Well equipped, no silly machines. Fun and friendly. Well done Rach.

Karen Whitehead


I love going to Rachel’s PT classes! Always incorporating different exercises she helps keep me motivated and moving.

Claire De Natris


Glamorous…. It is not
Never give up
Young or old

This is what Igynte means to me, if you need to be pointed in the right direction this is where you need to be.

Sharon Francis


Rach is a very personable trainer. Classes are small so she can work with each individual, taking into consideration fitness levels and injuries. Rach’s clients come in all shapes and sizes so there is no intimidation. No two classes are the same and she does regular assessments so you are able to see the improvements in fitness and strength. The 10 packs are excellent value for money and I would recommend Ignyte PT to anyone in Ballarat who wants to improve their fitness.

Rachel Nunn


Have loved doing Rach’s PTs for the last two years. Rach’s small group PT classes are a great workout, always different and fun. She’s always happy to substitute an exercise to accommodate an injury if need be. The Ignyte Personal Training private FB group page is great for support, and Rach is always adding useful information for health and well being. Love your classes and your energy Rach!

Marg Jung


This would have to be the most fun exercising I have ever had. Rachel does an amazing job and knows so much about helping each individual get what they need to out of their bodies. Love my Thursday and Saturday Sessions and most of all I love the fact I can see my body changing and I haven’t given up. There have been times when i have wanted to, but the support from Rachel and the other wonderful ladies I get back up and keep on going.

Kirsty Matthews


Highly recommend Ignyte Personal Training, Rachel does such an amazing job. 12 weeks ago I would have never attempted a pt class let alone a bootcamp. I was happy just sitting on the couch eating junk food and feeling depressed and being over weight. I have knee and back troubles so I used that as my excuse.
I decided to give it ago and haven’t looked back since.
I have gone from not exercising in over 15 years to now doing 5 sessions a week (2 pt and 3 bootcamp) haven’t missed one yet. Rachel can alter the exercises to suit my injurys and I still get a great workout and am challenging myself everyday.
In 12 weeks my whole life has changed, I have had great results with weightloss but more exciting i now have more energy, feeling more positive about myself and exercise is my favourite part of the day.
Our sessions are great but more importantly fun, sometimes I forget im exercising because im having so much fun. Rachel knows when im slacking off and pushes me harder. She is now not only my trainer but my friend.
So its almost been a year now since I made the decision to get off my butt and join ignyte, best thing I have ever done. Currently doing 6 sessions a week and still loving every minute of it. I am the happiest I have been in a long time I dont have to fake a smile anymore. Im doing things I never thought were possible. Now I know if I can dream it I can do it, anything is possible with Rachel by your side. If you have been thinking about taking the step and getting fit and healthy, get off the couch and come try it.

Kerry Hughes


This is the first time in my life I have exercised and I never thought I would enjoy it so much. I’m a mum of 2 and so is Rachel, she gets what we need both physically and emotionally. The support is fantastic and she knows when there is that little bit more in you. I feel great and love seeing the changes in my body, I love that I have the energy to keep up with my girls! I do both PT and boot camp and have been for nearly 12 months and have never done the same workout twice, Rachel keeps mixing things up and I look forward to what we might be doing each session. To me working out with Rachel is the best thing I have done for myself ever! Love love love it!!!! 5 Stars

Justy Male


Thanks to Rach I have gone from someone who never thought she could run to someone who can run the lake. And enjoy it! Rach’s learn to run program is one of the most fantastic things I have ever done for myself and I highly recommend it to any one who has ever wanted to enjoy the freedom of running but felt overwhelmed by restrictions and or fear. Rach’s classes are inclusive, non-judgemental and aimed to make you feel good about yourself and put you on the path to becoming the best possible version of yourself! And you get to meet some great ladies to boot ! Thanks Rach for teaching me to love running and myself a bit more along the way!

Liz Spellman


Rachel is not only an amazing trainer, but an amazing person, knows just how much to support & push you, so you can be your strongest, fittest & healthiest.

Carmel Ladner


Would recommend Rachel to anyone! I have never worked with anyone like her. I have never stuck at anything as long as what I have with her. She makes every session extremely enjoyable and never boring. She takes a personal interest in each and every one of our journeys and you can tell that we are more then just a number. The women that attend are all very encouraging and make it all heaps of fun! I love each and every class I attend and feel fantastic after every session! Love it!

Lyndall Thomas


Rachel has really helped me work through the mental block I had with exercise. She has the right amount of push along with a fun and friendly personality. I have found the small group PT sessions are a great way to build confidence, and the structure of classes works for me and my family life.

Marnie Kentish


Great classes! Great fun! Great trainer! Modified from beginner to advanced Rachel is a very personal, fun and supportive trainer!

Stacey Vanderkley


I hate exercise! But at Ignyte I actually hate to say I LOVE IT! It’s the best boot camp I have ever been to! Rachel is absolutely beautiful! She is an inspiring, motivational and a REAL woman that will help you reach your goals! Get onto Ignyte NOW!!

Erin Astin


Ignyte rocks my world get on board people! We have so much fun at our boot camp sessions, tailored for every fitness level. I have met some wonderful people at our sessions we all have a laugh but also push each other.
Rach is amazing she really knows her stuff!

Peita McNaught


I cannot speak highly enough of this motivational PT! Rach is the most down to earth and approachable trainer that I have met. After losing weight on my own for a year, the scales and cm’s stopped moving. A girlfriend recommended that I give Rach’s Bootcamp a try… in a few short weeks the cm’s were melting off!! So fantastic to work with such terrific ladies who are all on their own journey but everybody is extremely supportive and encouraging of one another and the best part is that we laugh along the way!!

Jackie Powell


OMG, I love it. I never thought I would enjoy bootcamp or running but Rachel makes it so much fun. Doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at, anyone can have a go. Remember, the only thing holding you back – no more excuses give it a go.

Kylea Hughes


Cannot recommend Ignyte’s walk to jog program enough!! An incredible 7 weeks starting with little confidence on my part and an ability to jog 2 minutes tops. With Rachel’s encouragement and support I can now jog 6km non stop and am truly addicted to the “buzz” from jogging. My confidence has soared and I know I can stand up to the mental challenge too! Meeting other lovely ladies and an at home program to help during the week were also amazing bonuses. I am so very grateful I gave this group a try!

Tam Sharman


Rachel is not only an amazing trainer but an amazing woman inside and out. She supports you all the way, is cautious of your injuries and makes working out a fun thing! A bonus is being able to take the kiddies along! If your thinking about joining DON’T hesitate with this woman she will NOT disappoint!

Christine Bykersma


Rachel makes exercise lots of fun; no matter how you are feeling when you get to a class, you are bound to feel better and happier when you leave. we laugh so much! Rachel always pushes and encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and go that little bit harder/ further/ longer; even when we feel we can’t she seems to know that we can. The classes are always varied, so we never know exactly what is in store, so there is always a challenge. The constant encouragement from Rachel and the others that come really help to push us further and beyond what we think we can do. I love coming Tuesday and Thursday evenings to bootcamp and Saturday mornings for boxing

Kathryn Flind


I’m so excited about the progress i have made in 10 weeks! Great bootcamps and personal training sessions. Such encouraging ladies to workout with and an AMAZING trainer Rachel, you make working out fun and enjoyable!! I’ve never looked so forward to working out…its addicting Thank you Ignyte Personal Training

Brooke Morrish


I’ve only just started group PT classes at Ignyte and I am loving it. I usually lack confidence and motivation but Rach makes you feel at home. Although the environment is relaxed there is certainly no relaxing going on. Rach works you hard and the next day you’ll know exactly what muscles you’ve worked. Give it a go, you’ll love it!

Robyn Richards


I really enjoy training with Rachel – being a mum it is sometimes difficult to find a babysitter, so being able to bring my son along has been a godsend. Rachel is very inspiring and challenges me to go further than I thought I ever could and as a result my fitness is constantly improving.

Jacqui McMillan


Fantastic!! I absolutely love training with Rachel! I was quite unfit after the birth of my third child – but that soon changed and it was so much fun at the same time!! Thank you Rachel!

Shannon Browning


Rachel is fantastic, great PT sessions, Have been training with Rachel for 12 months. Rachel mixes up each session so it is never boring and she makes me push myself. My son sits and watches from the play area, which is great no need to wait for my husband to get home from work or to get the babysitters in.

Melissa Dalton


Starting PT sessions with Rach have been the best decision I have made for myself in a very long time. I have always enjoyed exercising (not as consistently as I would like though!!) but have never pushed myself past a certain level. Rach helps me push past that comfort zone and she is taking me places my fitness has never been. I have more strength, energy and belief in myself and I could never have done that without Rach’s help and guidance. Her space is great. I love the type of training she uses and the fact that I can take the kids if I need is so handy. She is friendly, tough and professional. Thanks for all you assistance, Rach!

Abbi Crocker


I have had so much fun and success from attending Rach’s PT session. Her positive attitude and ability to cater to my needs is amazing. If there was an exercise my knees or back wouldn’t allow me to do Rach will always find something else I could do to make sure I was still exercising! I have seen great results from attending PT sessions and I would highly recommend her!

Elise Benson


7 months ago I began pt with Rachel to get sexy for my wedding, she told me after my first session “give it a few months you will begin to enjoy working out” I thought to myself this woman is crazy! I have stuck it out even though sometimes I think it’s easier to end my suffering mid session. I’m not yet at my goal weight but my physical strength and stamina have improved rapidly. My biggest improvement is my mental strength and inner peace. I also wanted to mention how amazing Rachel is with my daughter, I appreciate you more than you will ever know!
Working out with Rachel is a lifestyle not a phase.

Chloe Mauric


It’s my weekly thing that keeps me on track and keeps me accountable. I love that I can take the kids both because it makes exercise achievable for me but also that my children get to see their mother and a whole range of other exercising and people doing their best. I love being judged and encouraged based on my abilities. And Rachel is all over it with modifying programs for each individual in the group, both for extending people and working within restrictions. Thanks Rachel.

Maree Howard


I highly recommend Rachel at Ignyte Personal Training!!! Each and every session is challenging but so much fun at the same time. I always leave feeling like I have done a complete body workout with a great mix of cardiovascular and weight training. Rachel is so genuine, welcoming and incredibly passionate about what she does! Thanks Rach!!!

Jayne Eden


Love going & working up a sweat at Ignyte. Rachael is very supportive & motivating & makes it fun!! Since starting with Rachael my overall health is so much better, I started with high blood pressure & now it’s normal. I would highly recommend Ignyte Personal Training.

Jodie Pitman


Having joined Rachel’s boxing sessions recently I’m in love with them and how I benefit from every class. I’m looking forward to trying out her other group pt’s and sessions.

Sharyn Tong


Rach at Ignyte Personal Training runs fun group boxing sessions & offers great smaller PT sessions that push each & everyone of us whatever level we are.

Tanya Mills


Since I’ve started working out with Rach I have more energy and am on track to my weight loss goal. No session is ever the same she is as creative as she is enthusiastic. Best thing I ever did was decide to join up with Ignyte.

Kate Kennedy


Am really enjoying my PT sessions with Rach, while it may hurt at the time lol, I can wait to see progress in a few months time! I take my 20 month son, who plays in the area set up for kids. All other girls are supportive and encouraging!

Rachael Preston


Rachel is a fantastic trainer. Each session is different and she is amazing at altering the program to cater for injuries.

Claire McAdie


Rachel is the best PT I’ve ever had, she’s so friendly and makes training really fun, the session flies by. Can’t wait for Rach to help me get back to being fit and healthy. I highly recommend her to everyone.

Jess Bootsman


Thanks Rach for making my journey to a better, healthier me so much fun and rewarding. Your PT, Boxing and Bootcamp sessions are awesome. All the girls and guys are so welcoming, inspiring and supportive. Love it and love my fitness journey.

Lisa Begbie


Rachel is a fantastic trainer, I have been going for a few weeks and her whole approach to health & fitness is amazing. So motivational, even for someone like me who is extremely unfit!!

Lisa Overington


I hate exercise! But at Ignyte I actually hate to say I LOVE IT! It’s the best boot camp I have ever been to! Rachel is absolutely beautiful! She is an inspiring, motivational and a REAL woman that will help you reach your goals! Get onto Ignyte NOW!!

Erin Beacham


I highly recommend Rach from Igntye! I look forward to my training sessions and have very quickly noticed positive results in regards to my fitness and strength. Rach is down to earth and respectful whilst encouraging me to push past barriers and she keeps the training fun and varied. A fantastic trainer!

Annabel Mason