Mindful Eating Workshops

Learn the reasons why you have lost the ability to eat mindfully & become more aware of why you are so out of touch with your body.

Learn to listen to your body and completely trust yourself.

Break free from guilt around food and eating.

Discover the tools to never be on a diet ever again.

This workshop is perfect if you are wanting to improve your eating habits and health, lose & maintain a healthy body weight & have an amazing relationship with food.

It will, simplify your way of eating, spend less time thinking about food, never beat yourself up again for your food choices, reduce your stress about what you eat & improve your confidence in selecting how much to eat.

There is so much external information out there that can be so confusing & we are continuously bombarded with new diets, nutrition and health research. Mindful eating allows you to choose what is best for your mind and body at any given time, you will have a healthy relationship with food, be more present, you will feel great about yourself & feel extremely empowered.


Healthy Eating Workshops

Do you feel you lack the knowledge to eat healthy snacks and how to prepare healthy meals?

Do you you feel confused at the supermarket and get frustrated with not being able to read food labels?

Can you never lose or maintain weight no matter how hard you try?

Do you hate calorie counting & feel like there’s too much confusing info out there. Are you always hearing what not to do but want to know what you can do and have the tools to eat healthy?

Do you simply need some motivation or a refresher on how to eat healthy?

Then this Healthy Eating Workshop is for you!

Learn how to read food labels and choose the healthier foods at the supermarket for you and your family

I’ll teach you how to make better food choices

Cook healthy meals

Healthy snack ideas

Understand serving sizes

Tips & tricks on how to deal with old habits

Leave feeling empowered with the tools to never be on a diet again

Learn more about Protein, Carbs & Fat

Understand what to avoid & what you should do most of the time

Plus much more!

Contact me for more information or to find out when the next workshop is being held.