Sleep and weight loss

Not getting enough sleep can send false hunger signals to your body.
Lack of sleep can push you in the direction of choosing the more unhealthy foods.
Sleep deprivation can make you choose greater portion sizes.
Getting enough sleep can:
– Improve memory & better concentration & decision making
– Live longer
– Curb inflammation
– Spur creativity
– Improve workout performance
– Sharpen attention
– Have a healthy body weight
– Lower stress
– Avoid accidents
– Helps avoid depression
– Be in a better mood
– Less likely to get sick
Here’s how to improve your chances of getting enough sleep.
– No screens 2 hrs. Prior to bed (iPhones, Ipads, computer etc.)
– Go to bed at the same time every night and try and wake up at the same time
– Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual
– Avoid naps during the day if you have trouble sleeping at night
– Exercise daily
– No phone in your bedroom, buy an alarm or use something else
– Use block out curtains
– Make sure your bedroom is comfortable and not too hot
– Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow
– Buy an air filter to filter out a snoring partner (I have one just for the fan noise)
– Avoid caffeine & alcohol after 4pm
– Avoid heavy meals in the evening
– Wind down
– If you have a busy mind, write it all down in a journal next to your bed and choose 3 things to tackle the next day, you can’t do it all, all that matters is the present moment and that is you getting a good night’s sleep, you can’t fix it all in that moment so don’t even try.
– Journal 3 things you are grateful for before going to bed
Every hour of sleep before midnight is equal to 2 hours of sleep after midnight.
When looking at weight loss you should be with out a doubt looking in many areas not just food and exercise.
Happy sleeping peeps!

Food Cravings

Do you get food cravings?
Food cravings can come from many different areas but if you can start to be more aware of the foods you are craving and keep track of any particular triggers that may be present.
Cravings are just your body’s way of telling you that it needs something from us, emotionally &/or physical.
We have the chance to give it what it needs, our body is always communicating with us.
It can be a lack of nutrients and your body is screaming out for you to eat healthier, or it can go much deeper and it may be about deficiencies in your life for eg: career, relationships, financial, fitness, recreation, sleep, stress etc.
You can crave certain foods to keep you fulfilled emotionally.
Food cravings will make you carry excess weight and stop you from losing weight. There are many ways to combat food cravings but the first step is being aware and then having an action plan to work through how you’re going to deal with it.
If you need my help with dealing with food cravings and much more contact me on here & i’ll send you the info for my AMAZING 12 week Empower Me – Food Coaching Program, where my current ladies are getting fantastic results.
Rach 🙂

Your kids are watching !


Go on a particular diet for a long period of time and you will, whether you know it or not, pick up a bad habit that will be really hard to ever stop.
As if we aren’t screwed up enough from years of dieting and what that does to our bodies, we then go ahead and try all of the latest diet crazes and in the end, you don’t know what the hell to eat or how to live when it comes to food & nutrition.
I get so freaking mad at the companies and people behind all of these diets, i see people at the end of this road where they have had enough of all of the BS from the diet industry.
Myself included….
I can admit, i still have some bad habits from all of the diets of ever been on and they are hard to break, but you can.
Add to this all of the diet info in the media
This week you should do this
Next week you shouldn’t eat that, but it’s good for you the next year.
It get’s so confusing and you know really, it’s more to do with money, money is the driving force and you, the consumer are just their puppets.
When will people wake up, what is this doing to your children, what are you teaching them?
If you are confused with how to eat a normal healthy diet then how can you teach them?
Your kids are watching everything you do and of course they are listening as well, i don’t say this to make you feel bad, just for you to be aware.
Your daughters hear you every time you say
“i look fat”
Your daughters hear you every time you say
“Look at my fat ass”
They hear you every time you put yourself down
and you know what
they’ll do the same thing
Don’t feel bad if this is you, just be aware of what you are saying in front of them, work on yourself, work on loving and accepting yourself, work on being a great role model, do the inner work.
Work on eating a balanced healthy diet, learn how to eat for yourself so you can teach your children and your family.
Learn new habits and ditch everything you have ever learnt about food, all of the rules you had previously learnt..
It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s quite simple, you’ve just been on so many diets that you’ve lost your way.
Be on a weight loss diet for too long and you may not even know how to eat a normal once you’re off it.
You’ll even feel scared to come off it, what will happen?
Maybe you’re scared you’ll put the weight back on & this is true until you work on what truly is going on, within you & getting back to eating normally.
Stop the cycle, say no to diets, i have, and will never go on another one again.
Stop Dieting, controlling & restricting.
Rach x

Over Eating!

You’ve probably been told that over eating is a lack of will power, you think if you had more control and will power that you’d be fine & you’d never overeat again.
There are a variety of hidden factors that can contribute to and cause overeating.
Here’s a few:
Lack of awareness, you may not be paying attention to your meal in the first place, when the brain isn’t sensing taste and smell and satisfaction and the whole entire experience of eating, it misinterprets that experience as hunger and the nervous system directs us to eat more.
By just being present and mindful of what you’re eating you can stop over eating.
Another reason for over eating can be a lack of pleasure which is a requirement of the body when it comes to eating, we seek pleasure and avoid pain. If the brain doesn’t receive pleasure from the meal it will drive you to overeat.
Calorie restriction, dieting and skipping meals can also cause over eating, when you are trying to eat as little as possible your brain responds to the lack of nutrition by increasing appetite. If your body isn’t getting enough or the appropriate nutrients from the right foods or lack of food the brain will respond to lack of food by increasing appetite.
Many over eaters are often nutrient deprived simply cause they aren’t eating enough food and the right food in the first place.
Also if you are fast eater or high speed eater, this can generate a stress response, when this happens our natural appetite mechanisms are deregulated which simply means you will over eat cause you are in stress mode. Slow mindful eating is the way to avoid this.
As you can see there are many factors to over eating and we haven’t even covered the emotional side but at least this gives you a good idea on some of them that may help you.
Rach x

Stop the diet mind!

Ok so I’m hearing a lot of “I’m going to start over on Monday or tomorrow”

There is no starting over, get out of the diet mindset. It’s just awareness, learning & growth.

Thinking a negative thought about yourself? It stops right there, don’t say it out loud & don’t write it down as you’re only giving it more energetic power.

Your job & only job is to hear it once, realise the voice in your head isn’t you & change it, it’s your choice & only yours, no BS excuses!

You can choose to change or stay stuck where you are

You are the only one in control of you!

You always choose!

Stay stuck or grow?

I say this all in love & cause I freaking care of course.

Rach x


Instead of trying to find yourself

Try just being yourself!

Your true self..

For me that’s being playful, serious at times, I’m deep, very deep & yes I have a filthy mind & I think I’m getting more immature at 44 then ever before.

Im an introvert, love hanging out by myself, I’m also an extrovert, love being around amazing people & having fun. I’m not completely professional all of the time, I used to think this is what I had to be to be successful. Not true… I attract my peeps in all areas & it’s an all round love fest!

And I don’t care what you think…

I even start sentences with And.. 😂

But I do know that being yourself is the best thing you can ever do, I’m sick of seeing so many fake people on social media, we want authenticity.

Shine your light

Don’t hold back

Stop doing what others want you to do


Ask yourself that q?

Ps my tights are so tight atm but my butt looks amazing 😉

Do what makes you happy


all of you

I love authentic people, people who are real & this is how you need to be to get the results in life & when you work with me, otherwise I’ll call you out on it!

Only then will you get what you want in life

Everything starts flowing

The right people show up

Life’s to short for you to be anyone else but YOU!

Rach x

I’m going to lose my shit!

If i get asked “do i do meals plans” one more time, i’m going to lose my shit!

Well ok, i’m not that nasty but i have had enough of ladies thinking that this is the only way to lose weight.

You go on a strict meal plan & as soon as you eat something that’s not on that meal plan, you feel you have stuffed something up and then you fall of the wagon again.

I have been on so many meal plans over the years, i thought that it was the way to lose weight and maintain weight.

I was wrong…

I would always stick to it and then after about 3 weeks i’d eat just one thing that wasn’t on it and BAM…i felt i’d stuffed it up so then i’d go on a binge fest for days, as well as punishing myself with exercise (cause you had to burn it off, right!).

Then, i’d find the next celebrity meal plan or buy what ever online, you’d think i’d learn that it didn’t work the first time, so why would it this time? maybe i could stick to the next one…

I was wrong again…

You see, i now realise that this crap doesn’t work, for me anyway and so many of us out there.

Obviously there are peeps out there that love meal plans and do lose weight this way but for those of us that continue to do this and then go off it and then back on, restricting and controlling




I was insane, as one smart, educated man once said!

You see, i think so many of us think that this is going to work but it doesn’t, we think the next one will..

We fall for the next celebrity diet, the next huge company, the next hot looking guy or gal who takes selfies every day, the business that just cares about one thing or many of the pyramid scheme marketing BS that change their names so we don’t recognize who they really are or have been all of those years ago. Oh this is another convo…

Selling meal plans to the next sucker, i was one of them.

Telling you to count calories, macros, points, eat exactly whats on the meal plan cause it’s 1200 calories a day etc
If these things worked everyone would be living in their ideal bodies, wouldn’t they?

How many more meal plans & diets are you going to go on until you realise that they don’t work for you?

Eat real food but at the same time never deprive yourself, no more controlling everything as we know what this leads to & start listening to your body again.

Rach :)x