My personal journey with Rachel during the Empower Me program began with the idea that I needed to refresh my knowledge about good nutrition and the best fuel for my body.
I had successfully completed a nutrition program with Rachel a few years ago losing about 15 kgs and successfully keeping most of that weight off, I just needed to reconnect with the knowledge I’d already learned.
My most recent journey with Rach, in addition to refreshing my knowledge from before, turned out to take me in a totally different direction, she truly Empowered me to become the best possible version of myself.
Through reflecting on what is important to me and what makes me happy I have made some big changes to my life.
I am now financially confident, something I had always been afraid to face after years of being told I was useless at managing money.
The big change I made in my life was a career decision, I left a job that I enjoyed but no longer fulfilled me professionally. I have faced some huge hurdles but have made a big leap and now feel that I am moving in the right direction career wise.
I open myself up to the world around me now and listen to myself and my emotions for clues. I have also learned through the mindset exercises that I am a great parent and my best is enough for my kids.
Through all of this personal learning journey I have undertaken with Rachel at my side every step of the way I stopped focusing on food and food stopped ruling my life.
I’ve stopped worrying about scales and numbers and as a result my body looks better than ever.
Thank you Rachel for believing that women can do anything – you offer such an amazing program and it has opened my eyes and my heart to what the world has to offer.
Marnie Kentish

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