I am thrilled to say I have just completed the ‘Empower Me’ online program. This amazing program is completely holistic and all encompassing covering all areas of life, and has given me the skills to find balance and inner happiness. After years of struggling and feeling constant guilt about food choices, I have finally found something that actually works and is completely life changing. I can now say that I am eating a healthy balanced diet and the best thing of all is I don’t feel deprived of the foods I love – NO guilt!!! This program delves deep and Rachel is there all the way providing wisdom, encouragement, patience and guidance. I feel absolutely fantastic with a completely transformed mindset about my life and excitement for the future. I cannot recommend Rachel more highly as she is so passionate and committed to what she does – helping women live their best life! If you have been thinking about giving it a go please don’t hesitate. It truly is life changing!!! Jayne Eden

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