Empower Me – My 12 Weeks: Where to begin..?!! I believe that much of my problem in the past is the psychology of weight loss and self confidence. I know that I’m a size 10 now – it’s the size that I buy. But I don’t see it in the mirror most of time. At all. Well, 12 weeks ago anyways. I needed more self love. Validation that I am worthy, I am loved, I am strong. I am so happy to report that I have that inner, self validation now. I have self confidence. I speak my mind. I can’t please everyone, I shouldn’t have to, and that’s ok. I’m not sweating the small stuff – things that are beyond my control. This has been gold for my attitude. I feel so much lighter for it! I am now so grateful for things that I previously took for granted – not frustrated at what I don’t have, but thankful for what I do. My 12 weeks has seen me with new fire to want more for myself at work. I want more purpose. A new plan to save for another family home. I’ve said goodbye to a few people that were having negative impacts on my life. I had a massive cleansing of my social media. I am enjoying the fact that I can do things for myself, however how small, and not feel that I have to justify them. I can eat less healthy foods without guilt! It feels so damn good to buy a donut with my son and absolutely enjoy it, in all its sugary deliciousness!! There is definitely no more diet mentality. I am confident in my food choices, assessing my hunger signals – such a valuable tool to have and makes maintaining healthy eating so much easier. So much of what I have gotten from my 12wks has been the reward of feeling more amazing as myself. I like myself so much more. I love myself. I like my body a lot despite how frustrated I get with it, I can appreciate what it goes through to help me function. I can celebrate my completion of this program by living. Living my life to its fullest, appreciating who I am, what I have and who I have! Jackie Powell

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