Empower Me 12 Week Online Program Testimonial

Wow! What a truly amazing program I have just completed. Before I started the 12 week empower me program I was feeling lost, exhausted, unhappy with myself and wondering what diet I was going to fail at next. I was starting to believe I was going to feel like this forever… Over the coming weeks I started to learn more about nutrition, how to make better food choices, meal prep & plan, read food labels & how to recognise why and how I was feeling at meal times.. This is just to name a few…. With the weekly activities and gaining knowledge on new things each week my mindset transitioned from being negative to one of self love and acceptance. Being held accountable with the constant help and support from Rach this program is a complete success. I have never felt so grateful on a daily basis for everything I have in my life, it’s a totally amazing feeling. Doing this program has changed me in so many positive ways, I will continue this beautiful way of living forever as it all comes second nature to me now, no more diets for me ever, self confidence is back, I have my health and happiness but most of all I’m at peace with myself and I can’t thank Rach enough for this x Sharee Mangan

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