Self Love

Never try to force your yourself or your body to do anything, all that will happen is that a part of you will just rebel against it. We all know this too well!
Instead think about it like this, work on a little self love and care, eat well cause you care about yourself, do it because you like to feel good when you do. Move more as this is an act of self love and care, listen to your body and be in charge of your own nutrition and what works for you. This also takes the stress out of the way you eat, there is no judgement about the food as you are coming from a place of love and care.
Instead of forcing your body to do anything do these things instead:
-Get more sleep and better quality sleep
-Eliminating toxins from your food and your lifestyle
-Reduce the expectations you have of yourself
-Give yourself some time to slow down now and again
-Switch of electronic stuff earlier in the evening
-Love and care more for yourself
-Listen to your body more
-Stop thinking you have to be perfect or eat perfectly
-Care about your bodies hunger and fullness levels
-Care & love the body you live in and feed it less processed foods.
-Listen to your emotions more, they are there to tell you something.
Work on more self love and care rather than pushing yourself or forcing your body to do something that it will rebel against :)x

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