Stop the guilt!


Eliminate the guilt peeps, around everything but especially if you’ve eaten something less nutritious.

When you have guilt because you’ve eaten a food that you think you shouldn’t have, when you punish yourself for putting what you label as bad food in your mouth it puts your body in a stress response.

When you are in a stress response you are in a fight or flight response, in a stress response you’ll be producing an excess of insulin & cortisol which can signal the body to store fat & not build muscle.

In a stress response you are decreasing your digestive capacity for that very food that you are eating that is “bad for you” you will have less of the ability to digest it.

Also stress depletes the immune system. So the way your body would normally handle the sugar, preservatives, colours etc of that food that you’re eating will be limited because you are under stress due to beating yourself up for eating the food that is on your bad list.

So if you’re going to eat a less nutritious food, enjoy it, sit down and be present to the food and all of your senses while eating it. Be relaxed while eating it so your body doesn’t go into stress mode. Stop all of those voices in your head that is giving you a hard time while eating the less nutritious stuff.

Big message here is to stop the guilt & judgement of yourself in any area but i’ll stick to the point here, stop it if you happen to eat something less nutritious. Stop giving your food emotional power, if you are going to eat the food, make sure you sit down and actually enjoy it.

Give yourself permission to enjoy certain less nutritious foods now and again in moderation.

No more guilt peep!

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