The food industry wants you to buy more food so they put more and more sugar & other crappy ingredients in our food products, this food has no nutritional value, which then makes you constantly hungry.

Most of the food products that are packaged and on our supermarket shelves contains processed sugar and corn syrup. It doesn’t need to be in our foods as much as they are putting it in there, so why do they do it.

It’s there cause sugar stimulates your appetite and makes you hungry and the food industry love it cause it makes them money due to you continuing to buy more of it and in large amounts.

So it’s not your fault if you continue to crave these foods as they are addictive, it’s no wonder so many people can’t stop.

There doesn’t need to be sugar in peanut butter, you’ll find many with sugar and just a few without, there doesn’t need to be sugar in canned food, there are many with sugar and some without, sugar doesn’t need to be in so many products but they still put it in there.

You can make your own sweets, Wholefoods Simply is fantastic for recipes. Make your own sauces, we make all of our own by using Mingle Seasonings and things like coconut milk, yogurt or can of organic chopped tomatoes, depending on what sauce you are after. Make your own flavored yogurt with natural greek yogurt and then adding your own fruit as the store bought ones are full of sugar.

Always read the food labels and ingredients list and eat less from packaged foods and more of what you make yourself and this is a great way to reduce the amount of sugar and toxic ingredients that you and your family eat.

Eat these foods in moderation and when you do eat them have no guilt and enjoy, just don’t eat them everyday and be aware of any cravings you may have then try and swap to something else.

The topic of food cravings can go a lot deeper but for now just be aware of one reason you may be cravings certain foods, it just might be your body is addicted to sugar.

Empower yourself more with this type of info, don’t always think that everything on the supermarket shelves is ok, take charge of you health so you can be your best and healthiest self :)x

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