Do you need to go on one more 6 week challenge to lose weight?
Do you need to do another strict diet to lose weight?
No you don’t, having said this, of course you will lose weight this way but for most people the weight will in most cases pile back on plus more.

You are all so aware of this but continue doing the same thing over and over and then every time you put the weight back on you lose more self confidence and feel worse about yourself each time.

My heart goes out to everyone who does this as i was the same, it’s so hard to know what to do as we are constantly bombarded with every diet under the sun, especially with social in our face.

It’s not your fault for feeling defeated so try not to feel this way just know that there is a better way.

I also just want to say that the more you focus on hating yourself and your body, the less you will actually get the results you are after, crazy hey but very true and my ladies in my Empower Me online program are seeing this for themselves first hand. They are losing weight as soon as they focus on self love and fueling there bodies with what makes them feel good all while never depriving.

You should never deprive yourself, ever, as all this does is make you want to binge on it the next chance you get.

Life is about living, not telling yourself that you can’t eat this and you can’t eat that, only to then weeks later find yourself knee deep in the stuff that you’ve avoided for so long.

My little tip for you today is to lose weight slowly and let it happen while you either throw away your scales and just focus on how you feel, be a more mindful person especially while you are eating, actually taste your food and enjoy the process. Too often we are distracted and we get to the end of our meal and don’t even remember eating it, the same as when you drive from A to B and don’t remember how you got there.

Use all of your senses while eating:
Listen to your body’s hunger and fullness levels
Have no distractions around you
Have a look at the food

The more you do this the better you will get.

Slow down and enjoy what you are actually eating and stay away from the next diet that is something that you can’t sustain for life.

Always ask yourself:
“Is the diet that i’m about to go on something i am going to sustain for life”?

If not, you need to run the other way and fast!

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