Go on the next new diet craze or meal plan!
Follow someone else’s menu or meal-kit that are calorie counted for you!
Try that other thing you haven’t tried but your friends have so that will work!
Cut out a major food group cause that will work this time!
Screw your body up, your mindset & your self esteem every time you try something new & it didn’t work!
You know it’s a different type of diet so this one will work, you can follow this meal plan so that will work, repeat, repeat & repeat!
Get fatter and fatter, get more and more confused on how to teach your children on just eating healthy for life!
Lose yourself and in the end get so confused on how to actually eat well cause you’ve been on so many diets and challenges that the next diet is all you know.
Detach from yourself more and more and all while your children are watching and picking up bad habits themselves.
Maybe you just don’t know a better way, maybe you just think this is how it is just going to be for you or maybe you feel scared to go a little deeper and work more on what is really going on, inside you, after all, our outside world is a huge reflection on the inner.
So i ask you this, all you need to do is to start making some swaps, can you start to eat less processed foods, most of the time, swap white bread, white pasta or white rice with wholemeal, wholegrain, the brown stuff. Can you cut out canola & vegetable oils and replace with olive or coconut oil. Can you eat more veggies, can you eat less from a box and more of what you make. Can you drink more water and less soft drink. Can you replace that inner critic in your head with an affirmation that is more positive such as “i am enjoying getting healthier and healthier everyday.” Can you make sure you get enough sleep every night?
Everyone wants weight loss so fast and the easy road but this doesn’t equal easy later on, it just means more pain and heart ache and sickness.
Look after yourself in more ways than just food and exercise for long term weight loss x

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