Types of stresses include sleep deprivation, dehydration and mental & emotional stress. Every time you place stress on the body it disrupts your hormonal balance and therefore interferes with weight loss & it can make you sick.
-Stress makes it harder to get a good sleep
-Stress increases cravings
-Stress contributes to digestive disorders
-Stress makes it difficult to stay active – Because stress increases inflammation and weakens the immune system, it can also contribute to symptoms that interfere with sustaining an active lifestyle—like lack of energy, slowed workout recovery, frequent illness, and the development of pain, soreness and/or stiffness in your muscles and joints.
-Stress can lead to brain-fod, moodiness & low willpower
Common effects of stress on your body
-Muscle tension or pain
-Chest pain
-Change in sex drive
-Stomach upset
-Sleep problems
-Common effects of stress on your mood
-Lack of motivation or focus
-Feeling overwhelmed
-Irritability or anger
-Sadness or depression
-Common effects of stress on your behavior
-Overeating or undereating
-Angry outbursts
-Drug or alcohol abuse
-Tobacco use
-Social withdrawal
Best way to digest stress hormones are:
-Sleep – deep sleep
-Laughter – decreases stress hormones enormously, watch funny movies, laugh with friends, include more fun in your life.
Better yet look at areas in your life where you can reduce or eliminate stress so that you can live your healthiest and happiest life.
There is always a way to reduce stress and to deal with it, choose what is best for you as everything that causes stress in your life just isn’t worth it in the end.
Rach :)x

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