Do one thing for yourself today!

So I found myself reading over a couple of old diary’s from when i was 18 & 19.

I seemed to be at the gym a lot which was funny, i then was reading my comments on how i was already then, so excited that i’d lost weight & then i’d read a few months after that i’d put the weight back on and the cycle began.

I’m not sure how much earlier than this that i was on a diet but i remember at 16 thinking about my weight a lot.

I’m now 44 and it took me so long to be able to just eat normally with out worrying about putting weight back on, it took me so long to get rid of most of the emotional eating & it took me so long to realise that dieting just doesn’t work.

Too many diets to count and too many times punishing myself with exercise so that i could eat more. So many moments in my adult years bingeing to the point of a food coma, always telling myself to never do it again, only to starve myself the next day and over exercise.

Do one thing for yourself today that brings your closer to a better you, that might just mean getting enough sleep at night, it might mean that you need to put yourself first more, move a little more, cut out a little sugar, start doing something that lights you up or being aware of the little negative thoughts that come up and working on eliminating them one by one by changing the thought to something else.

What ever it is, look after yourself, do it in a way that works for you, a little more than you did last week and continue doing so, week after week & just see where it takes you. Get a coach/mentor or have an awesome friend by your side to help you in the right direction, to hold you accountable, to teach you a new way. Have people around you that build you up & learn everything can to make you the best version of you that you can be.

Have a think about the one thing that you can change to make you much healthier and happier today!

Rach :)x

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