Are you not hungry for breakfast? Try eating less at night to make sure you’re hungry for that all important meal of the day, breakfast. The reason you’re not hungry is because your body has taken in enough food the day before.

Why have breakfast?

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!

-Breakfast breaks your overnight fast
-Breakfast refuels your glycogen (energy) stores.
-Breakfast kick starts the metabolism.
-Breakfast provides us with the energy to keep us going throughout the day.

Benefits of regular breakfast

-Improves your energy levels.
-Improves metabolism.
-Provides many beneficial nutrients, and boosts your fibre and calcium intake (compared to no breakfast).
-Reduces you chance of over-consuming high kilojoule foods later in the day.
-Stabilises your blood sugar levels.
-Improves memory and concentration

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

-eggs & free range bacon
-eggs & eggs (any which way you can cook them)
-egg & tomato’s on toast
-overnight oats or just normal oats
-overnight chia pudding
-quinoa porridge with sprinkled nuts, seeds, fruit
-healthy breads (rye or spelt)
-baked beans on toast (make your own baked beans don’t buy the cans)
-pumpkin, zucchini & nut loafs
-bircher muesli’s (Lola Berry’s 20/20 cookbook is excellent)
-zuchinni fritters
-Home made muesli
-green smoothie
-protein smoothie
-quinoa porridge
-healthy no sugar pancakes (google recipes)
-yoghurt, fruit & LSA or nuts

Avoid sugar loaded cereals.

Start making small changes every day to a healthier you