Hormones and Weight Loss

Balancing your hormones!

Sometimes you may find that you are eating right and exercising but the weight isn’t shifting and it may be hard to lose weight.

You may be doing the same thing you’ve always been doing but suddenly things are changing and you can’t figure out why.

You may not realise that hormonal fluctuations are causing weight gain.

We can go into a lot of detail here but for now as a general rule, here is a good way to help balance your hormones naturally & of course seek further help if you need it.

-Eat a balanced healthy diet most of the time
-Eliminate or decrease processed sugar
-Get good quality sleep for 7-8 hrs
-Decrease stress where you can

In the end if you’ve been struggling to lose weight but can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, your hormones may be to blame.

You can also ask your doctor or naturopath to test your hormone levels if you have any concerns.

Happy Friday peeps 🙂

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