Sleep and weight loss

Not getting enough sleep can send false hunger signals to your body.
Lack of sleep can push you in the direction of choosing the more unhealthy foods.
Sleep deprivation can make you choose greater portion sizes.
Getting enough sleep can:
– Improve memory & better concentration & decision making
– Live longer
– Curb inflammation
– Spur creativity
– Improve workout performance
– Sharpen attention
– Have a healthy body weight
– Lower stress
– Avoid accidents
– Helps avoid depression
– Be in a better mood
– Less likely to get sick
Here’s how to improve your chances of getting enough sleep.
– No screens 2 hrs. Prior to bed (iPhones, Ipads, computer etc.)
– Go to bed at the same time every night and try and wake up at the same time
– Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual
– Avoid naps during the day if you have trouble sleeping at night
– Exercise daily
– No phone in your bedroom, buy an alarm or use something else
– Use block out curtains
– Make sure your bedroom is comfortable and not too hot
– Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow
– Buy an air filter to filter out a snoring partner (I have one just for the fan noise)
– Avoid caffeine & alcohol after 4pm
– Avoid heavy meals in the evening
– Wind down
– If you have a busy mind, write it all down in a journal next to your bed and choose 3 things to tackle the next day, you can’t do it all, all that matters is the present moment and that is you getting a good night’s sleep, you can’t fix it all in that moment so don’t even try.
– Journal 3 things you are grateful for before going to bed
Every hour of sleep before midnight is equal to 2 hours of sleep after midnight.
When looking at weight loss you should be with out a doubt looking in many areas not just food and exercise.
Happy sleeping peeps!

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