Food Cravings

Do you get food cravings?
Food cravings can come from many different areas but if you can start to be more aware of the foods you are craving and keep track of any particular triggers that may be present.
Cravings are just your body’s way of telling you that it needs something from us, emotionally &/or physical.
We have the chance to give it what it needs, our body is always communicating with us.
It can be a lack of nutrients and your body is screaming out for you to eat healthier, or it can go much deeper and it may be about deficiencies in your life for eg: career, relationships, financial, fitness, recreation, sleep, stress etc.
You can crave certain foods to keep you fulfilled emotionally.
Food cravings will make you carry excess weight and stop you from losing weight. There are many ways to combat food cravings but the first step is being aware and then having an action plan to work through how you’re going to deal with it.
If you need my help with dealing with food cravings and much more contact me on here & i’ll send you the info for my AMAZING 12 week Empower Me – Food Coaching Program, where my current ladies are getting fantastic results.
Rach 🙂

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