Your kids are watching !


Go on a particular diet for a long period of time and you will, whether you know it or not, pick up a bad habit that will be really hard to ever stop.
As if we aren’t screwed up enough from years of dieting and what that does to our bodies, we then go ahead and try all of the latest diet crazes and in the end, you don’t know what the hell to eat or how to live when it comes to food & nutrition.
I get so freaking mad at the companies and people behind all of these diets, i see people at the end of this road where they have had enough of all of the BS from the diet industry.
Myself included….
I can admit, i still have some bad habits from all of the diets of ever been on and they are hard to break, but you can.
Add to this all of the diet info in the media
This week you should do this
Next week you shouldn’t eat that, but it’s good for you the next year.
It get’s so confusing and you know really, it’s more to do with money, money is the driving force and you, the consumer are just their puppets.
When will people wake up, what is this doing to your children, what are you teaching them?
If you are confused with how to eat a normal healthy diet then how can you teach them?
Your kids are watching everything you do and of course they are listening as well, i don’t say this to make you feel bad, just for you to be aware.
Your daughters hear you every time you say
“i look fat”
Your daughters hear you every time you say
“Look at my fat ass”
They hear you every time you put yourself down
and you know what
they’ll do the same thing
Don’t feel bad if this is you, just be aware of what you are saying in front of them, work on yourself, work on loving and accepting yourself, work on being a great role model, do the inner work.
Work on eating a balanced healthy diet, learn how to eat for yourself so you can teach your children and your family.
Learn new habits and ditch everything you have ever learnt about food, all of the rules you had previously learnt..
It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s quite simple, you’ve just been on so many diets that you’ve lost your way.
Be on a weight loss diet for too long and you may not even know how to eat a normal once you’re off it.
You’ll even feel scared to come off it, what will happen?
Maybe you’re scared you’ll put the weight back on & this is true until you work on what truly is going on, within you & getting back to eating normally.
Stop the cycle, say no to diets, i have, and will never go on another one again.
Stop Dieting, controlling & restricting.
Rach x

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