Over Eating!

You’ve probably been told that over eating is a lack of will power, you think if you had more control and will power that you’d be fine & you’d never overeat again.
There are a variety of hidden factors that can contribute to and cause overeating.
Here’s a few:
Lack of awareness, you may not be paying attention to your meal in the first place, when the brain isn’t sensing taste and smell and satisfaction and the whole entire experience of eating, it misinterprets that experience as hunger and the nervous system directs us to eat more.
By just being present and mindful of what you’re eating you can stop over eating.
Another reason for over eating can be a lack of pleasure which is a requirement of the body when it comes to eating, we seek pleasure and avoid pain. If the brain doesn’t receive pleasure from the meal it will drive you to overeat.
Calorie restriction, dieting and skipping meals can also cause over eating, when you are trying to eat as little as possible your brain responds to the lack of nutrition by increasing appetite. If your body isn’t getting enough or the appropriate nutrients from the right foods or lack of food the brain will respond to lack of food by increasing appetite.
Many over eaters are often nutrient deprived simply cause they aren’t eating enough food and the right food in the first place.
Also if you are fast eater or high speed eater, this can generate a stress response, when this happens our natural appetite mechanisms are deregulated which simply means you will over eat cause you are in stress mode. Slow mindful eating is the way to avoid this.
As you can see there are many factors to over eating and we haven’t even covered the emotional side but at least this gives you a good idea on some of them that may help you.
Rach x

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