I’m going to lose my shit!

If i get asked “do i do meals plans” one more time, i’m going to lose my shit!

Well ok, i’m not that nasty but i have had enough of ladies thinking that this is the only way to lose weight.

You go on a strict meal plan & as soon as you eat something that’s not on that meal plan, you feel you have stuffed something up and then you fall of the wagon again.

I have been on so many meal plans over the years, i thought that it was the way to lose weight and maintain weight.

I was wrong…

I would always stick to it and then after about 3 weeks i’d eat just one thing that wasn’t on it and BAM…i felt i’d stuffed it up so then i’d go on a binge fest for days, as well as punishing myself with exercise (cause you had to burn it off, right!).

Then, i’d find the next celebrity meal plan or buy what ever online, you’d think i’d learn that it didn’t work the first time, so why would it this time? maybe i could stick to the next one…

I was wrong again…

You see, i now realise that this crap doesn’t work, for me anyway and so many of us out there.

Obviously there are peeps out there that love meal plans and do lose weight this way but for those of us that continue to do this and then go off it and then back on, restricting and controlling




I was insane, as one smart, educated man once said!

You see, i think so many of us think that this is going to work but it doesn’t, we think the next one will..

We fall for the next celebrity diet, the next huge company, the next hot looking guy or gal who takes selfies every day, the business that just cares about one thing or many of the pyramid scheme marketing BS that change their names so we don’t recognize who they really are or have been all of those years ago. Oh this is another convo…

Selling meal plans to the next sucker, i was one of them.

Telling you to count calories, macros, points, eat exactly whats on the meal plan cause it’s 1200 calories a day etc
If these things worked everyone would be living in their ideal bodies, wouldn’t they?

How many more meal plans & diets are you going to go on until you realise that they don’t work for you?

Eat real food but at the same time never deprive yourself, no more controlling everything as we know what this leads to & start listening to your body again.

Rach :)x


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