I Dare You!

Are you finding yourself in a dead end job?

It’s not what you want to be doing, don’t think for a second that this is your life and you have to stay on this road.

You can make a decision at any moment in time to get off that road & go down a completely different road.

This may not be easy and there may be some tough times, maybe pain, it might be scary but let it drive you.

It will be so worth it!

Do you have a vision for your future, that it’s better than it is right now? so many of you possibly do.

Like i keep saying, if you aren’t happy in an area or a few areas of your life or on a deeper level & you aren’t living in alignment with who you truly are, you will either turn to an addiction & for many you’ll carry it in extra weight & then wonder why you can’t lose it with the next diet or exercise plan that you go on.

These are all bandaids.

If you are ready to see what’s truly going on, to take a deeper look at what makes you tick, then just when you’re not looking and focusing on how much you hate your body & how many calories you’re eating and punishing yourself with exercise, when you focus on what’s really going on & you are fulfilled at a much deeper level, then & only then you will stop turning to food & other addictions.

I’m not saying this is all of you as you may find it easy to lose weight and keep it off, this post isn’t for you, it’s for those of you who are going OMG this is me, you can never lose weight no matter how hard you try, or you do lose weight then you always put it back on.

Life’s to short to be working in a job that you hate or to be not doing what you love as a hobby/passion in your spare time.

Go on…

I dare you to dig deep


Live the rest of your life doing what others want you to do.

I dare you to speak up

I dare you to live the life you know you where meant to live.

Rach :)x

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