Up until the age of two, we are very good at self-regulating our energy intake. That’s why it’s important to honour young children’s eating cues rather than asking them to finish their meal simply to please us or to eat because it’s a certain time of the day. We risk overriding their self-regulation, the result being a loss of touch with internal cues of hunger and fullness.
Were you told to eat everything on your plate & did your parents/ grandparents tell you what to eat and how to feel? As a child we are very in tune with our bodies, we know when we are hungry and when to stop however as we grow older we learn to ignore these feelings as that’s what we may have been taught.
Then as an adult we continue to turn to diets and other people telling you how to eat and what to eat, trying to control everything by what we are told externally and by what someone else says to us.
Another way is when parents try to control by saying “that’s enough now” or “you’ve eaten enough”, however inside the child may be wanting more, they’re relying on somebody else to tell them they’ve had enough. As you grow older you shut off to those natural, normal cues for eating that will regulate your food intake perfectly.
Did you see your mum beat herself up about her body and/or did you see her on diet after diet? We look up to our mum’s and if she believes she’s not good enough when she’s over weight then you may feel that you’re not good enough when either, children can take on those behaviours.
Where you give food as a reward & do you still reward yourself with food to this day?
All of this information is for you to be aware of your upbringing and how you are or may be with your children, it’s not here for you to beat yourself up over.
It’s great to be aware of what your childhood may have been like but also to be aware as a parent on your own journey.
Learn to listen to your internal hunger and fullness cues, don’t reward yourself with food, instead reward yourself with something you love to do, use smaller plates if you always need to eat everything on your plate, stop using diets, calorie counting & anything that takes you away from listening to your body.
Eat real food & be aware of how you talk out aloud in front of your children and the words you say to yourself as well as the thoughts that you think.
Make small changes today, write them down, find out what your WHY is, why do you want to change or lose weight?
If you need accountability, results for life and are truly ready to change for yourself & those around you, feel amazing, have loads of energy and never be on a diet again, then let me know, message me on here & let’s chat.
Also check out the next Healthy Eating Workshop where you will learn to read food labels and everything healthy eating.
Have an awesome weekend peeps !
Rach :)x

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