Healthy snacks

Here are some snack ideas for us busy people & also if you’re trying to avoid grabbing the wrong type of snacks, have many of these handy so you’re not temped by unhealthy options:

Hard boiled eggs & vegy sticks
Canned tuna or salmon
Small serve of last nights tea
Fruit or fruit salad & nuts
Protein smoothies
Green smoothies
Vegy’s (carrots, celery, cucumber) with hommus, peanut butter
or avocado dip
Plain full fat greek yoghurt with fruit, cinnamon & LSA (Linseed, almonds & sunflower seeds)
Natural yoghurt with with stevia & berry’s
Greek yoghurt with peanut butter (mix together)
Rice cakes with cottage cheese, chives & sliced tomatoes or smoked salmon
Home made healthy muffins or muesli bars (google clean recipes)
Cold cuts of free range chicken or turkey with cherry tomatoes
Handful of nuts
Vegetable juices
Home made soup
Small salad
Cheese sticks (buy a block of full fat cheese and cut)
Herbal teas
Home made ice cream (frozen banana with organic cacao)
Sliced apples with almond butter
Cheese slices & veggie sticks
Couple of squares of dark chocolate

Just to mention a few

Choose full fat, stay away from low fat (chemical shit storm) & sugar added, full fat keeps you full & satisfied longer & will usually have no crap to make it taste better as low fat does.

Stay away from sugary snacks & drinks, they will make your energy levels crash soon after making you tired & wanting to reach for more sugary foods.

They will trick you into thinking you’re hungry soon after.

Drink lots of water in between meals:)

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