Losing weight can deliver so many results, however it doesn’t deliver the self-respect you never had. If you couldn’t accept your body before, you will have the same feelings after you have lost the weight. It doesn’t matter what size you are, you will always find something to hate about it. However if you love, accept & respect your body, you can always find something to like, no matter what your weight.
If you had low self-esteem while you were over weight, you will most likely continue to after you have lost the weight, your body has lost the weight but your mind hasn’t tagged along for the ride and is still thinking the same thoughts as before.
You may have fear of regaining the weight & possibly have lost and gained weight many times during your life and you are just waiting for your new image not to last.
For some people, accepting their new body can be quick but for others it can take some time, you need to look at retraining the brain and understanding that you have been reinforcing this negative image for probably a long time, we can become numb to how mean we’re being to ourselves.
Remind yourself of how far you’ve come with before and after pics or bringing out the pants you used to wear. Learn to appreciate your new body, look in the mirror and say, ‘hello gorgeous, you look friggen amazing!
Change the way you think, daily affirmations to support your new body & say ‘thank you’ when someone gives you a compliment.
Losing weight doesn’t change your job, relationship or any other area of your life, so if you were unhappy before, you will still be unhappy after and it may be time to address what you’re actually not happy with.
I’m not saying any of this is easy, just be aware & make small changes.
Put yourself first, change your thoughts which will change how you carry yourself and the energy you bring to the room, people will pick up on this and also treat you like you treat yourself.
Be kind to yourself
Be patient with yourself
You’re amazing x

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