Altering your eating habits!

Altering your eating habits

Here is a list of tips and strategies you can use in altering your eating habits if you tend to overeat, mindlessly &/or emotionally eat or are conditioned to eat everything on your plate. You can select just a couple at a time per week and add new ones when you’re ready.

Use smaller plates
Use smaller serving utensils
Have a glass of water before you eat
Listen to your body for hunger and fullness cues
Drink from tall, narrow glasses and cups as they appear bigger
Move less nutritious options to the back of the fridge or cupboard and make them super hard to access or even better don’t have them in the house
Simple meal prep for the week
Ask the question if you really need the less nutritious food or are you about to mindlessly eat
Be aware of when you are picking at other meals such as the kids
Never tell yourself that you can’t have something.

Now go eat!

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